Photoshoot and Framed Print included with Casting Purchases – Felixstowe, Suffolk.

Impressions in Time have teamed up with our friends at Bushfire Photography ( to offer a very special collaboration!

For every 3D casting appointment held at Bushfire Photography’s studio in Trimley St Mary, just outside Felixstowe, Bushfire Photography are including a photoshoot and framed 10″ print from their mono range!

Contact us to book your appointment and claim this offer.



Baby’s 1st year

A special way to document your baby’s first year – three 3D casts, beautifully framed together.

We will take three casts – one within their first month, a second cast at 6 months and a final cast taken at one year old. We will hold onto your casts, until the final cast has been completed, when we will mount all three casts together in one frame to produce a stunning keepsake of their first year.

We will send reminders at 6 months and 12 months to book your casting appointments.


Baby’s first year – foot only: £150

Baby’s first year – hand only: £160