Please find below our pricing for framed 3D casts, mounted hand hold casts and framed or unframed 2D impressions. If you cannot see a price for the product you are looking for – please do not hesitate to contact us.


Framed 3D casts:

Price variation dependent on choice of frame. 

One hand  £75 – £95
One foot  £70 – £90
Two hands  £110 – £130
Two feet  £105 – £125
One hand and one foot  £115 – £135
Both hands and feet  £195 – £215


LOVE Frames

At over half a meter tall, our largest statement piece – the LOVE framei incorporates one circular raised hand impression and a pair of 3D cast feet, along with wooden letters ‘L & E’. 


Framed 3D casts, with Photo*:

Price variation dependent on choice of frame.

One hand  £80 – £100
One foot  £75 – £95
Two hands  £115 – £135
Two feet  £110 – £130 
One hand and one foot  £120 – £140
Both hands and feet  £200 – £220

* Please provide a 6×4 photograph as soon as possible following the casting appointment. This will then be mounted into the final product for you.

Hand Hold Casts

A beautiful keepsake for any engagment, wedding or anniversary occasion. Capturing the finer details of the all important rings, the 3D cast will be mounted on a plinth and painted in the colour of your choice.

Two people holding hands – £160.00



Casts of two or more siblings framed together makes a stunning keepsake!


Two children

One hand each  £130 – £150
One foot each  £125 – £145
Two hands each  £205 – £225
Two feet each  £200 – £220
One hand and one foot each  £210 – £230
Both hands and both feet, of both children  £275 – £295


Raised Impressions

One hand or foot £20
Two impressions
(One hand and one foot, two hands or two feet)
Framed Impressions  £55-£75


50% of the total cost of your order is payable at the time of the appointment by cash, cheque or bank transfer, with the balance payable in cash upon collection of the finished product. The initial payment is non-refundable if the order is cancelled prior to collection.


Mobile appointments:

  • Within Haverhill – £5.00
  • Within 5 miles of Haverhill (CB9 8AR) – £7.00
  • 5-10 miles from Haverhill (CB9 8AR) – £8.50
  • Over 10 miles – Please enquire for pricing.